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With a vision to fly the ‘GLOBAL’ flag high with the world class Publications and Business Promotion services for Worldwide Expansion of Motion Drive & Automation (MDA), and Manufacturing Technology Business.

G H Media was Established in January 2014 and was incorporated at Michigan, USA under the name of Global Hydraulics Media, LLC on January 23, 2014; and subsequently in India we had taken over a company to change the name as G H Media Business Pvt. Ltd., being the First Truly International, Self-propelled Media Business Company, with a vision to fly the ‘GLOBAL’ flag high with the world class Publications and Business Promotion services for Worldwide Expansion of Motion Drive & Automation (MDA), and Manufacturing Technology Business by not only bringing the Manufacturers closer to Users than ever before but also to bring the manufacturing fraternity worldwide on a common platform and creating the long term relationship with the clients.

The Global HiTech Media Group believe in Technological leadership, Customer oriented philosophy, Innovations, Leadership, Performance and services leading to Success of Customers, and is fully committed to customer delight. Global Media offer single source and one advertising in one magazine for global exposure in more than 54 countries, which is regularly increasing as per the customers’ demand. We also offer customised business promotion packages for the circulation and business promotion in particular countries by adding the countries of circulation as well as we also participate in relevant trade fares in the specific countries and represent our customer in those countries periodically, for powerful business promotion.

We carry out the promotion of your various products & brand via multiple forms including articles, editorials advertisements, product spotlights, new product launch and case studies in print books and e-books and also digital marketing strategy of a business could include Banners on our website, promotional efforts at Internet, social media and E-Mail campaigns. We also work with research and professional communities to influence our direction. Our Journals stand out for their content and quality and correspondingly are highly regarded in the trade, being the global media partners to well-known trade fairs like IMTS, IFPE, Hannover Messe including all MDAs, PTCs, WINs and many more.

Corporate History

We established our first flagship company Crane-Bel International Private Limited in 1979 and established ourselves as the most successful Machine Tool manufacturing company, Globally known for Broaching Machines and honoured with 3 National Awards. Then we established another successful company as SCB Engineers Private Limited in 1984 and established in the business of Fluid-Power products and various other Machinery and systems. Subsequently we took-over a 25 years old established company and changed the name of company as G H Media Business Private Limited being the First Truly International, Global Business Promotion Media Company, with a vision to fly the ‘GLOBAL’ flag high with the world class Publications and Business Promotion services for Worldwide Expansion of Motion Drive & Automation (MDA), and Manufacturing Technology Business.

During last more than 3 years we have been very successfully bringing the Manufacturers of MDA segments including Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Motion, Drive, Power Transmission, Controls and Automation closer to the Users than ever before and powering MDA business worldwide through our Global MDA Journal, formerly Global Hydraulics Journal. Most of the renowned and growing company in Fluid Power and MDA Business are now counting on us for the worldwide expansion of their business.

Then in 2016, on great demand from the Manufacturing segment, we launched another new and only truly international periodical “Global Manufacturing Technology” GMT at the World renowned International Manufacturing Technology Show IMTS-2016, at Chicago, USA. This journal is following the same path and is now spreading out very fast to reach the circulation target of 1 million within a very short period, having its readership in more than 54 countries across the 7 continents.

The company is fully committed to hold the highest professionalism by delivering the highest value of the money spent by our customers on advertising and business promotion. Global HiTech Media Group’s philosophy is creativity and growth with highly ethical sustained strategy. Under the same philosophy we have been able to start a New Vertical ‘Proactive’ in Global Manufacturing Technology, which is highly appreciated by all the segments from Machine Tools & Metals to Health & Food Industries.

The Journey of Global Media Group Towards Excellence

G H Media Business Pvt. Ltd., has a commendable achievement of being able to expand its journals’ circulation in more than 54 countries with a readership target of above 1 Million just in a short span of 3 years.

Specialised & Customary Services

Print and Digital Publications

  • Specialised Technical Articles in Print & E-Books of MDA & Manufacturing Technology
  • Product Spotlight in Print & E-Books of MDA & Manufacturing Technology
  • Innovations & new Product Launch in Print & E-Books of MDA & Manufacturing Technology
  • Ideas and Applications in Print & E-Books of MDA & Manufacturing Technology
  • Various other editorials in Print & E-Books of MDA & Manufacturing Technology
  • Case studies in Print & E-Books of MDA & Manufacturing Technology
  • Interviews and Stalwarts in Print & E-Books of MDA & Manufacturing Technology
  • Company Profile & Acquisitions in Print & E-Books of MDA & Manufacturing Technology
  • Awards and Honours in Print & E-Books of MDA & Manufacturing Technology
  • Advertisements in Print & E-Books of MDA & Manufacturing Technology

Forging Global Business Relations (We also utilize our far reaching collaborations to provide a global perspective)

  • Custom-Built Strategic Business Development programs ensuring maximum ROI
  • Customised services & packages for Global Business promotion or in specific countries
  • Participation in Trade Fares/Exhibitions around the world in countries of your choice
  • Products & Brand Promotion through Trade Fares around the world or specific Countries

High Visibility Business Promotion Programs

  • Leader Boards, Banners and Buttons on Home Pages of GHM Group Websites
  • Banners, Buttons, Square Boxes, Vertical Boxes & Demo Room on Web Pages
  • Banners, Square Boxes and Buttons on Directory Pages of G H Media Business Website

Direct Reach High Response E-Mailing Campaigns for Business Promotion

  • Global Business promotion campaigns to about 1 Million Database
  • Country wise Business promotion campaigns to available Database
  • Limited Quantity, Segment or Category wise Business promotion campaigns


Global B2B Directory as an Online Business Promotion Tool
The Global B2B Directory is a very powerful Online Business Promotion Tool and a Buyers’ Guide providing the genuine manufacturers’ information and highly valuable information on the products required by the buyers to choose the most suitable manufacturing industries. Global B2B Directory & Buyers Guide which provides your Company information, as the selected genuine manufacturer and supplier, to the online viewers of your listings. Your online product information is searchable by your Company name, Brand, Segment wise, Product category wise & Country wise.
High Gain of Premium Membership

  1. Maximum Exposure with our Enhanced Listings premium Memberships provide extra Leverage to your online business promotion, which is especially essential for Exporting Companies looking for Global Expansion of Business by pursuing the sales in international markets by making the listing more interactive for the buyers when you take advantage of one of the Enhancement Packages designed to fit every budget and marketing program
  2. Industrial buyers use B2B portals in the hunt for new trading partners. Since the Global B2B Directory allows buyers to use very specific search queries when looking for products and services and provide High Visibility to the TOP PREMIUM Membership Holder Genuine and Distinguished Companies.
    As such all the relevant genuine manufacturing companies are listed in the Global B2B Directory, therefore, companies that are having TOP POSITIONs are holding much higher chance of being identified by the B2B buyers. The Premium Membership holding manufacturing companies that are identified in the above research process of buyers are normally selected for the business deals.
  3. The Premium Membership of Global B2B Directory is a very cost effective on-line Marketing activity associated with large benefits like Global Brand Promotion; Hyperlink of website and Special E-Mail ID for quick response; Maximum exposure of company profile, product profile and Products Catalogues; Display and Information about Events, Conferences, Seminars, Awards & Honours distinguish the premium member from the others.
  4. Global B2B Directory allows very specific targeting of specific Industrial Segments and also the Geographical regions, to facilitate focusing on the specific markets. Worldwide there are more than 1000 different Portals and online Directories which differ in their focus, terms and integrity; hence it is necessary to choose the right business promotion companies & directory where serious buyers find genuine suppliers and qualified suppliers find serious buyers.
  5. Global B2B Directory provides special page for particular period or round the year for Events, Meetings, Conferences, Functions or Celebrations etc. It is your space and you can use it as you like.