Smart Cities : A Blueprint for the Future

Smart Cities: A Blueprint for the Future



As more of the world’s cities begin to deploy innovative infrastructure and technologies, contractors will need to prepare for smart-city initiatives that affect the way they do business.

One study says new initiatives will harness proximity technologies to overcome mobility challenges created by growing populations. These technologies will ensure public safety, optimize traffic flow, create better tourism experiences and monetize data opportunities.

There have already been major advancements in cities around the globe. Singapore deployed sensors and cameras around the city to analyze traffic congestion and crowd density, enabling government officials to reroute buses at rush hour.

Barcelona installed wireless LED street lights to reduce energy usage. It also deployed a network of ground sensors to regulate irrigation relative to forecasted rainfall estimates and temperature. The sensors adjust the city’s sprinkler system and fountains for efficiency, leading to an increase in water conservation by 25 percent, saving the city $555,000 per year.

New York City has begun implementing a high-speed broadband service for the entire city, which will be completed by 2025. Within this area, officials will be able to monitor data on air quality, traffic and energy consumption.

London is using technology to help tackle congestion and make parking simpler. San Francisco has implemented a smart parking system to monitor occupancy, and can use this data for a dynamic parking system that adjusts the cost of parking based on whether spots are occupied or vacant.

Advancements like these are just the beginning for smart city technology. With infrastructure and smart city projects ready to start, the construction industry must be prepared for changes.

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