ABB wins multiple orders to protect critical power grid assets in the US

ABB wins multiple orders to protect critical power grid assets in the US

ABB has won orders  from three major US utilities for its innovative AssetShield™ solution to deliver hardened and bullet resistant transformers, and facilitate the protection of critical grid assets, minimizing potential outages and enhancing the reliability of power networks. AssetShield-protected transformers are designed to help utilities meet new security and resiliency standards for critical substations in the US . This solution is an integral part of ABB ’s Transformer Resilience initiative which includes five strategic elements – assessment, hardening, monitoring, rapid repair
and rapid replacement – designed to help utilities protect assets and restore power quickly in the event of physical damage to a substation. The US , like any other country, is more dependent thsan ever on reliable electric power for residential, commercial and industrial use as well as strategic security. A natural disaster, attack on the grid or the loss of large power transformers could result in widespread power outages, affecting consumers and
having a significant economic impact. ABB ’s scope of supply for the orders received includes a 700 megavolt-ampere (MVA), 345 kilovolt (kV) power transformer, two 100 MVA, 141 kV power transformers and three 500
kV single phase units. The UL -752 standard compliant transformers feature Asset Shield tanks, dry bushings, impact sensors and automated cooling valves. Armor steel shielding of transformers and power equipment
is part of the “hardening” process to provide components with advanced ballistic-level protection against physical attack. This is a new solution to safeguard and protect large power transformers and other substation equipment. Based on a standard design, there is no visual difference between
standard transformers and those with AssetShield protection, with the latter not requiring any additional maintenance or replacement measures.

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