High-performance cutting and edge milling with a single tool system

High-performance cutting and edge milling with a single tool system


For processes with a high level of material removal, such as the roughing of steel, cast or corrosion-free materials, high-performance cutting (HPC) has become standard. High feed rates maximise the rate of material removal, thus also reducing machine operating times. This is beneficial not only with regard to the energy efficiency of processes that is becoming increasingly relevant in terms of costs but also in terms of freeing up additional manufacturing capacities. High-performance cutting thus increases productivity and helps to achieve measurable cost reductions.

With the new DELTAtec 90P Feed, Boehlerit has now included a high-end tool system for this machining strategy in its range. The fact that the base bodies of the DELTAtec 90P Feed are suitable for multi-purpose applications and may, with the appropriate indexable cutting inserts, also be used for edge milling, is yet another bonus.Fine-tuned down to the smallest detail An essential feature of the DELTAtec

90P Feed is the positive basic geometry that facilitates the cutting process. Thanks to the specifically coordinated cutting geometry, this also applies to HFC cutting in slot milling.

Specially arranged radii on the cutting edge optimise the distribution and consumption of the axial cutting forces. In this way, high-performance cutting allows for impressive feed rates (fz) of up to 2.5mm with an insert size of 14. For both applications, the indexable inserts are equipped with four usable cutting edges, achieving an exact 90° angle during edge milling. Uneven spacing reduces vibrations and leads to extremely smooth running.

Wide range of cutting grades for versatile applications

The high-performance capacities of the DELTAtec 90P Feed systems and their versatile application spectrum are also made possible by a wide range of cutting grades. One particular highlight is the patented, innovative TERAspeed 2.0 AlTiN layer. This AITiN layer is deposited by means of HR-CVD technology (HR = High Reactivity) and is the first to combine opposing properties such as toughness, outstanding layer hardness and wear resistance, thanks to its high aluminium content and novel nanostructure. This innovative coating is used for high-performance milling using the grades BCP20M, BCP30M and BCK15M. The BCP20M grade is ideal for steel processing at higher cutting speeds in stable conditions. It is available on SDMT inserts with a chip angle and on SDMW inserts with a protective chamfer for use in particularly rough conditions. A comparable grade is the BCP30M, a universal steel milling grade that offers a high level of processing safety for a wide range of steel materials thanks to its particularly tough carbide substrate. It is used on SDMW inserts without a chip angle. The BCK15M is designed for the processing of grey cast iron (GJL), spheroidal graphite cast iron (GJS), tempered cast iron and alloyed cast iron and is also used on SDMW inserts without a chip angle. Alternatively, there is the option of the BCK20M grade for cast iron machining using DELTAtec 90P Feed cutters. It has a tough K20 substrate and a thick PVD coating and may be used either for high-performance cutting or edge milling.

Another innovative carbide layer for the milling of steel materials is the new Goldlox PVD AITiN layer, offering a high level of wear resistance at high temperatures and increased tool life on different steels. In addition, the smooth, yellow-colored Goldlox coating also facilitates wear recognition. This cutting grade is particularly suitable for high cutting speeds during dry or wet machining in stable conditions. For this tool system, the Goldlox coating is available in the cutting grades BCP25M and BCP35M. The BCP25M cutting grade is used as a multi-purpose grade for the milling of unalloyed, low-alloy and high-alloy steel. The BCP35M is also universally applicable in this spectrum and based on a tough carbide grade. It is particularly suitable for dry milling at low to medium cutting speeds in difficult conditions and also a good choice for edge milling on SDMT inserts.

For the machining of rust-free materials using DELTAtec 90P Feed cutters,
Boehlerit offers the BCM40M cutting grade both for high-performance cutting and edge milling. This cutting grade has an extremely tough, relatively finegrained carbide substrate with a thin, smooth PVD coating. It is ideal for the milling of austenitic stainless steels and materials from the Duplex group with low to medium cutting speeds.



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