Hamar Laser Introduces Next-Generation Spindle Alignment Lasers

Hamar Laser Introduces Next-Generation Spindle Alignment Laserses

Compact and versatile new L-702 and L-702SP Spindle Alignment Lasers help manufacturing plants cut costs and boost productivity

A world leader in laser alignment, Hamar Laser Instruments, Inc., introduces two new spindle alignment lasers for highly accurate and fast alignment of lathes, turning centers and other machinery.

The L-702 Spindle Alignment Laser is a straight-line laser for spindle alignments in lathes, turning centers, OD grinders, slant-bed lathes and transfer-line and rotary-dial machines.

The L-702SP Spindle Alignment Laser with Scan Plane adds a perpendicular scan plane to the L-702 spindle laser beam for checking cross-slide, turret axis squareness and other milling axes in multi-axis, mill-turn machines.

While elaborating about the new launches, Rod Hamar, president, Hamar Laser, says, “We wanted to add a compact squareness-checking capability to our spindle lasers, so we redesigned our field-tested L-700 Spindle Laser and brought out the L-702 and L-702SP Spindle Lasers. For two decades years, our spindle lasers have helped customers reduce tooling costs and scrap rates, while reducing downtime to increase throughput. Remarkably easy to use and highly accurate, our lasers are up to 70 per cent faster than conventional methods.”

To see a demonstration of these new lasers as well as Hamar Laser’s other highly accurate machining center alignment lasers Visit booth 135436.

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