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Design of the system and selection of proper components

Design of the system and selection of proper components play important part in operation,
safety, performance, life, efficiency and maintenance of the system

In this issue, we are introducing a uniqueproduct ‘Relief-cum-Pressure Stabilization Valve’ fulfilling the requirements of Safety, Relief, Pressure controland also Pressure Stabilisation to be incorporated in the system, against the commonly used Relief Valves for achieving the following:
1. AccuratePressure control
2. Best safety of system for Longer life
3. Effective Relieving for improving performance
4. Absorbing sudden pressure Surges, Jerks & Spikes
5. Offering Smooth pressure change and Stabilized pressure irrespective of setpressure forbettersystem operation and improved Efficiency.

What is Relief-cum-Pressure Stabilization Valve
This is a unique Dynamicallycontrolled Relief-cum-PressureStabilization Valve which not only perfectly Relieves andControls the pressure but alsoStabilizes and allows to change the operating pressuresmoothly/uniformly, to the required pressure, absorbing all the shocks, irrespective of the pressure settings.

Working of Relief-cum-Pressure Stabilization Valve
The Dynamic Piston of the main valve remain closed at any operating pressure, less than the set pressure. For example, the Valve is set to be relieved at 175 bar and some operation is being carried at lower pressure of 50 bar, suddenly the pressure changes to 150 bar.As the dynamic piston is held closed through a low-pressure spring, the dynamic piston willnot allow sudden Pressure Surge to effect the system,and move up, allowing the system flow at higher pressure to partly pass to tank and the operating pressure to gradually increase to the desired pressure of 150 bar.

The dynamic piston of Relief-cum-Pressure Stabilization valve instantaneously acts to dampen the pressure surge & let the pressure, in-spite of the fact the valve is set at a higher pressure of 175 bar, smoothly stabilizes at the required operating pressure being less than the set pressure.

Note: – The above information, details and the statements, are for the Design File, for the reference and benefitof the readers of the Global MDA Journal. The Manufacturers’ specifications and recommendations are always to be referred for the design specifications and operational data.

Ashok Km Gupta, Chairman & founder of Crane-Bel Group of companies, presents this Design Page for the readers of Global MDA Journal, as a practical approach towardsDesign and selection of the components of the machines and systems. The company, Crane-Bel International P. Limited, an ISO 9001 Certified Company, manufacturing wide range of Broaching Machines, Hydraulic Cylinders, Accumulators, Integrated Motor Pump Units for OEMs including manufacturers of Hydraulic Power Packs, Machine Tools and Plant & Machinery, Systemguard® as a Contamination Management Machine including Laser Particle Counter for Contamination Monitoring, (Optional), Filter for particulate Contamination Removal, Magnetic Filter for removing the Submicronic Ferro-magnetic Contamination generated by wear & tear of system and H2O-Pro Spin-on Filter for Water Contamination removal. The author is having more than 50-years history of dedication to the industry, and a leading promoter of Pro-active Maintenance for increasing the life and efficiency of plant and machinery. The author has also explained the Working of Relief-cum-Pressure Stabilization Valve as a new Design Idea.

The author Mr Gupta has always been at the forefront for helping the Designers,Manufacturers, Application Engineers and Maintenance people of the Industries of various segments for making their Plants, Machines and Systems more productive, reliable and long life performing.

For further Information and queries or suggestions from readers are invited by:
Ashok Km Gupta
SCB Engineers P. Limited
A-57, Sector-16, Noida-201301, Delhi-NCR, INDIA
Phone: + 91 120 2512420, 4117236, 4333311


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