Crane-Bel Working for Indian Industries

Crane-Bel Working for Indian Industries

Till 1978, Broaching was not a common metal cutting process in Small Scale Industrial Segment and wasmisunderstood process.That was specifically the reason that we establishedCRANE-BEL for introducing the Broaching Operation for the SSI Segment and manufacturing themostsimple and highly economical broaching machines, as compared to the exorbitantly high prices of the Broaching Machines which were practically impossible to be afforded by the small-scale industrial Segment.
Crane-Bel developed the simplest and highly economical range of Broaching Machines for the SSI sector, with the price range of Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 100,000 only, andproved the Broaching as a most simple, highly productive, cost effective and practical machining operation as it requires lesser manpower, extending its use in wide fields of applications with the exceptional savings on labour, machine and tooling.

The small-scale industries considered Crane-Bel Broaching Machine as a newinnovation and the manufacturers of Hand Tools, Auto Parts, Cycle partsand other smallmachinery parts had honoured Crane-Bel for the same. Subsequently we established Broaching as the most economical and significantly superior process, commonly used for finishing operations, yielding smoother surfaces than can be attained with other metal cutting processes.

Broaching hasShort Cycle Time with High Accuracy and Capable to easily cut the complicated irregular shapes, with remarkably Stable Process Accuracy and Superior Finished Surfaces, thereby eliminating the need for grinding and polishing even.We may not be wrong in saying thatin terms of productivity, repeatability, reliability, accuracy, and surface finish, Broaching surpasses milling, shaping, slotting or any other machining process, having a wide range of Applications.

During last about 40 years, we have been able to Design, Develop and manufacture a wide range of Broaching Machineswith Electro-Mechanical Gear Drive, Hydraulic Drive and Fully Computerised CNC Broaching Machines; in the widest range of Capacitiesfrom 1 Tonne to 150 Tonnes and Strokes from 350 mm to 3000 mm; with and without automation, suitable for various Metals and also Hard Broaching.

The Unique advantage of Crane-Bel is that we work together with our customers to Innovate & Develop New Technologies and realise new Projects & Solutions in close cooperation. Our Broaching Machines have Simpler design, are user friendlywith excellence in precision engineering:

A. Crane-Bel’s Innovative Low-Height Broaching Machines replace the traditional Vert High Broaching Machines which require a special very high platform or alternatively very deep pit installation of the machine to bring the working table of machine to normal operational height and offer following advantages:

 No deep Pit Mounting and High Platform is required as explained above.
 No job lifting and handling of components to the height, as in case of conventional broaching machines.
 Easy access to the broaching area to simplify the tool change and setting etc.
 Higher Production rate.
 Conservation of Energy.
 PLC controls.
 Easy and user-friendly operation.
 Designed with Pro-Active Maintenance concepts to minimise maintenance.
 Off-the-shelf/easy availability of spare parts and components.
 Prompt after-sales-service.
 Hydraulic Power System integrated with the World Renowned manufacturers – Eaton Vickers.
 Options of Tooled-up and Automatic Machine with Winged Automation are available.
 Also available with various options and customisations.

B. Crane-Bel’s Innovative Automatic Broaching Machines are provided withWinged Automation, the Broaching Machine operates in Semi-Automatic and Full automatic modes, without the help of operator. Crane-Bel Winged Automation System provides you the following additional features:
 The automatic job carrying systems to transfers the job from the feeding line or a bin/hopper with the proper chute to the machine table.
 An automatic job feeding systems to transfers the job from the carrying system to the broaching station.
 An automatic job loading/positioning system.
 Automatic Broach Handling system.
 Automatic Broaching Operation.
 Automatic job unloading system.
 Automatic job carrying systems to transfers the job from the Unloading station to onward feeding line or a bin/Hopper.
 Higher Production rate.
 Operator Independent operation Cycle.
 Production monitoring to keep track of tool life and production Recordis optional.
 Consistency in quality.
 No requirement of installing the Broaching machine in the deep pit.
 No requirement of high platform for operator.
 No manual job lifting and handling to the height of broaching station.
 Easy access to the broaching area to simplify the tool change and setting.
 Programmable Logic Controller for flexibility in controls, PokaYoka and Automation.
 Force Monitoring System optional.
 Hydraulic System integrated with World Renowned equipment.
 Standard, Vertical Internal Broaching Machines, Custom-built Broaching machines and Helical Broaching Machines can be provided with the unique Winged

Automation System.
 Tooled-up automatic Machine Options are also available.

Today the vision of the company is also to improve the Relations,Quality of Life, Society and Environment,using our dedicated services, technology and power management.
A. We have strong will power to make a difference in the performance and we are doing it withfull dedication.
B. Our first target was Broaching, and still our best sustainable product is Broaching Machines which we are manufacturing since 1979 and have been regularly innovating inBroaching, with a wide variety and range of:
• Vertical Internal Broaching Machines,
• Low Height Broaching Machines,
• Table-up AutomaticBroaching Machines,
• Surface Broaching Machines,
• Horizontal Broaching Machines,
• Continuous Chain Type Broaching Machines,
• C-Frame Push Broaching Machines,
• Helical Broaching Machines and
• Fully Computerised CNC Broaching Machines.
C. We provide sustainable products and solutions that help our customers solve their most critical challenges.
D. We are fully dedicated to the sustainability, from Design, Innovations, Development, Manufacturing and Servicingfor the community and Nation.
E. We are fully devoted for our Nation through Enhancement of Productivity, Energy conservation, Proactive Maintenance,Import substitution and Developing unique products for Defence etc.
F. Our Environmental policyincludesvarious activities promoting and working for:
• Conservation of resources including Fuels, Oil, Gases, Coal, Wood and Paper etc.
• Reduction emissions and wastes.
• Power saving by Digital Pumping System and Integrated Motor Pumps etc.

G. We are continuously improving the technology and are engaged in Innovations and upgradations through Research and Development.
H. We are committed to make a difference in the world we live in, by doing more for the World, Nation, Society and People in need.
I. We have also taken an initiative of promoting “Proactive Maintenance” as a system or a life style of keeping the plants, machines and systems healthy. Proactive Maintenance is actually a Life Extension System which supplants the philosophy of ‘Failure reactive’ with the ‘Failure Pro-Active’ by avoiding the conditions that lead to machine faults and degradation. Pro-Active Maintenance technique consists of actions that abolish the root cause of the failures, not just symptoms. Pro-Active maintenance is now receiving the recognition as the only means of reducing and saving on the burgeoning maintenance cost, for extending the performance life of systems, conservation of oil and conservation of energy without much expenditure on the systems, equipmentand maintenance. Wetakenthe ambitious challenge of promoting the

Proactive Technology through Seminars, Workshops, Presentations and Practical Training to achieve the following important and significant results:
1. Huge saving on Maintenance cost.
2. Conservation of Oil: Resulting up to 90% saving on oil Procurement and Environmental Protection.
3. Conservation of Energy: Resulting saving on the Power Bills and also saving the Environment.
4. Minimizing the Breakdowns: No Breakdown Maintenance and No loss of production.
5. Improvement in the Efficiency of Plant, Machinery and Systems resulting in Higher Productivity, Higher Profits, Competitiveness and subsequently Growth of business.
6. No undue wear and tear of parts and components hence manifold times increase in the Operational Life and Performance of systems and components.
7. Increase in the life of mechanical parts, components and hydraulic pumps& controls etc., result in a big saving on procurement of costly hydraulic pumps, controls and systems.
8. Maintaining Clean & Healthy Environment, Ecological Balance, Protection of Lakes, Rivers & Underground water and subsequently the Planet Earth.

Er. Ashok Km. Gupta a Distinguished Graduate Mechanical Engineer, having about55 years of practical experience in the fields of Design, Development, Manufacturing, Maintenance and Rejuvenation of Hydraulic Machines, Systems, Equipment & Machine Tools – Specifically BROACHING MACHINES, along with R&D and Innovations with expertise in Fluid Power Technology had Mr. Gupta’s unrivalled experience in the above fields has allowed the company to make its name nationally and internationally as a reliable customer-oriented company.

Subsequently, Er. Sarvesh D. Gupta, son of Er. Ashok Km. Gupta, is consistently continuing with R&D, Innovations, New Developments, Automation and taking the company to the new heights since 1996 as Managing Director, along with father. Presently the company consists of about 100 employees in Design, Research & Development, Manufacturing and Quality Control for Ensuring the Quality Standards, Prompt Servicing, Marketing and Management. Er. Sarvesh D. Gupta has put in strenuous efforts in New Designs & Developments, Innovation, Automation and Quality assurance for offering outstanding quality and technological leadership high technology products to the customers, resulting in the honour of 3 Prestigious National Awards to the company.

Er. Ashok Km Gupta, Chairman & Founder of Crane-Bel Group of companies, presents this article for the Global MDA Journal, as an information about the author, being an innovator and doing a lot for the Engineering Industries, in the Manufacturing Technology, for throwing a light on the activities of Crane-Bel as “How Crane-Bel is working for the Indian Industries”. The company, Crane-Bel International P. Limited is an ISO 9001 Certified Company, manufacturing World renowned Broaching Machines, Pro-Active Maintenance Products, Hydraulic Cylinders, Accumulators, Integrated Motor Pump Units, Hydraulic Power Packs, Machine Tools and ‘SYSTEMGUARD®’ as a Contamination Management Machine including Laser Particle Counter for Contamination Monitoring and Fine Micron Filter for Particulate Contamination Removal, Magnetic Filter for removing the Submicron Ferro-magnetic Contamination generated by wear & tear of system and H2O-Pro Spin-on Filter for Water Contamination removal. The author is having more than 54-year’s history of dedication to the industry, and a leading promoter of Pro-active Maintenance system for increasing the life and efficiency of plant and machinery through Proper handling of Oils and Lubricants.

The author Er Gupta and his Team, have always been at the forefront for helping the Designers, Manufacturers, Application Engineers and Maintenance people of the Industries of various segments for making their Plants, Machines and Systems more productive, reliable and long life performing.

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