Toshiba H2One™ receives “New Energy Award 2016”

Toshiba H2One™ receives
“New Energy Award 2016”


Toshiba Corporation announced that its H2One™ autonomous hydrogen energy supply system H2One™ has been awarded a “New Energy Foundation Chairman Award”. The award recognizes products and services or public awareness activities that promote use of new energy.

H2One™ is a CO2-free energy supply system. It consists of photovoltaic power generation system, a storage battery system, water-electrolysis hydrogen generator, hydrogen storage tank and fuel cell unit. The award recognizes that Toshiba is pioneering the development of a hydrogen energy supply system in Japan and demonstrating the way forward toward realizing a hydrogen economy.

As a self-contained, autonomously operating power source, H2One™ can supply constant electricity throughout the year, powering itself with renewable energy, with no concerns of weathers and seasons. It can be utilized for both everyday energy needs and to provide emergency power.

Hydrogen-based Autonomous Energy
Supply System H2One™

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